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Quadcode joins forces with Capacitor Partners for the largest Hackathon in Cyprus

Quadcode, a leading fintech company, has joined forces with Capacitor Partners to host the largest hackathon in Cyprus.

The event, titled "AI in Fintech - The Power of Personalisation," will take place on 15 and 16 June, 2024, at The Warehouse by IT Quarter in Limassol. This prestigious hackathon invites the brightest minds to explore the fusion of AI and fintech, focusing on personalisation to revolutionise financial services.

As financial technology continues to evolve, personalisation in fintech remains underutilised despite its significant potential to transform the industry. Current data reveals that while 78% of banking consumers expect personalised services, only 44% feel their needs are met by their banks, and a mere 6% of financial institutions are employing advanced personalisation technology.

The "AI in Fintech - The Power of Personalisation" hackathon aims to address these gaps by harnessing the creativity and expertise of participants to deliver innovative solutions that cater to individual user preferences and behaviors, in education, trading, AR/VR and other challenges.

The hackathon boasts a total prize pool of €40,000, with the grand prize for the winning team being €30,000.

As a community partner, Capacitor Partners will take charge of structuring, coordinating, and executing the hackathon. They will utilise their technical expertise and deep sector knowledge to oversee the application process, ensuring a highly curated selection of participants.

To learn more about the hackathon or to register, please visit Quadcode Hackathon.


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