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Capacitor Partners - More Than Just A Company (GOLD Magazine Feature)

By Marianna Nicolaou | Photos by Michael Kyprianou

The modern workplace is characterised by rapid changes, relentless deadlines, and

increasing demands, which makes the focus on employee satisfaction more critical than

ever. And yet this continues to be rare, with many companies failing to truly invest in, or

trust their employees. However, Capacitor Partners ensures each team member feels heard

and valued. As soon as you enter Capacitor Partners’ offices in Nicosia, you sense that this is no ordinary ‘suits only’ place. The decor is an electric mix of retro games and accessories, with splashes of colour from superhero portraits and figurines and – my personal favourite – a glass showcase containing what appear to be original Power Ranger helmets, a smiling Super Mario and a collection of books on innovation and self-growth.

“We care deeply about how happy and engaged our employees feel. It’s simple: an engaged

team is the foundation of success,” says Elissa Nicolaidou, Operations and Support Specialist at Capacitor Partners. Established in 2020, the company has evolved rapidly, doubling its operations and boosting its team size by 1.5 times annually, thanks to its automated operations and dedication to continuous optimisation. “Our team, helps large organisations in the public and private sector, digitally transform their way of work and grow, through operations re-engineering and the use of the right technology that fits them. Through specialised services including Product Management as a Service (PMaaS), market research and product storytelling, we serve more than 50 corporate clients from 5 countries and 11 industries.”

Capacitor Partners fuses targeted training with broad learning opportunities, meaning that

employees can access sponsorships for certifications in their field as well as courses in

unrelated areas. To develop their leadership skills and be actively involved in the industry,

they are encouraged to participate in conferences and become mentors in programmes

such as Junior Achievement. In the same way that everyone has the opportunity to learn,

everyone shares in the company’s success. “We build trust by leading with transparency,

valuing honesty, diverse skills and talent. Everyone is encouraged to share thoughts, provide

feedback, and offer support across projects, recognising achievements and maintaining

consistent communication for growth.”

At Capacitor Partners, says Nicolaidou, there is always a way to put your message across –

through exit interviews, feedback, and brainstorming, etc. – and see it result in decisive

action. “This isn’t just about gathering insights; it’s about acting on them. For example,

employee feedback led us to introduce flexible working hours, accommodating various

lifestyle demands. It’s our way of ensuring that everyone knows that they’re heard and

valued and of fostering a workplace where everyone is excited to contribute,” she enthuses.

“In Cyprus, our ability to integrate global innovations with local insights keeps us ahead of

the curve. In the end, it’s not just about being at the forefront of technology but about

being a place where talents grow, ideas flourish and successes are shared. That's what

makes Capacitor Partners a community where everyone feels at home.”

But it's not all work; the company organises foodie celebrations with monthly barbecues

and Pizza Fridays but the most valuable provision is probably its empathy and compassion

towards employee needs. “Understanding that burnout is a real threat to both productivity

and wellbeing, we’ve made our employees’ health and work/life balance a top priority, one

that even comes above our annual goals, allowing our team to work from home when

needed and take breaks at the office as they see fit. Our approach is to give everyone the

space they need to manage their day-to-day affairs, ensuring that they stay healthy and

motivated,” Elissa Nicolaidou tells GOLD. “At Capacitor Partners,” she goes on, “we’re more

than just a company; we’re a family. Our secret? A genuine passion for pushing boundaries

and nurturing our team’s growth. We’ve built a culture where innovation thrives,

collaboration is second nature and ‘work/life balance’ is not just a buzzword, but a



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