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U Travel Enlists Capacitor Partners: Achieves Record Online Sales for Tomorrowland Travel Packages

U Travel selected Capacitor Partners, aiming to revamp its online footprint, streamline the sales funnel, and enhance customer support via automations. This strategic partnership bore fruit with the debut of U Travel's eCommerce platform, leading to a rapid sell-out of Tomorrowland’s tickets in record time, without any issues and round-the-clock support.

The company is an exclusive official partner of Tomorrowland in four countries. Tomorrowland is the world's largest and most notable electronic dance music festival. It takes place annually in Boom, Belgium, and attracts thousands of music fans from across the globe. 

Mr. Ioannis Georgopoulos, CEO of U Travel, emphasized the new system's robustness, its rapid development, and flawless operation. He noted it served thousands of satisfied customers without a single issue. The expertise and knowledge of Capacitor Partners in product launch and management were apparent from the outset and fully realized.

Regarding the implementation, Mr. Pantelis Panayiotou who is overseeing the deployment of the new solution on behalf of Capacitor Partners, remarked, "From the outset, our focus was on ensuring security, a great user experience, and system agility that could handle high volumes of traffic without any negative impact. As the post-launch results indicate, the system performed to par."

U Travel specializes in corporate travel, migration, relocation, and concierge services with 15 years of excellence. They cater to international corporations and private clients, offering personalized service with a focus on Cyprus. 

For more information about Capacitor Partners services in digital transformation and product management visit 


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