Boat on a Lake

Investing in extraordinary teams.

We are looking for SaaS, BaaS, and API startups that can dramatically improve areas of our everyday lives and work. 



How fast can you pivot from failure? how much pressure can you endure? A good team is everything. We expect our teams to have a tech co-founder, previous startup experience and  deep understanding of their market.

products, not ideas

If you haven't launched your product, tested the market, or gathered some user-led feedback, your time has not come yet. We prefer launched products over ideas and are looking forward to trying out yours.


In our experience specializing in a field or sector is good, being too niche is not - especially in small markets. If your model can reach a critical mass in its market and foremost monetize, let's talk. 

Investment portfolio


A leading job listing platform servicing 15,000 companies and 215,000 unique visitors per month

Round type


Platform type


Growth capital

5-10 employees

Job search/list

Cyprus, Greece


An iPad / MacOS software that allows any user to design and build native mobile apps without any code

Round type


Platform type


Seed funding

1-5 employees

No-code studio


Purple Planet

Meet the above criteria, and have a pitch ready?

Thank you. We will review your application. Should there be interest we will be in touch.