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3 Years Capacitor Partners: Expanding into New Markets and Service Lines

A New Era in Digital Consulting and the Launch of Groundbreaking Services

Capacitor Partners commemorated its third anniversary with a distinguished event at Pralina Experience, Nicosia on November 23rd. This celebration, attended by over 80 industry leaders from 63 organizations, marked the company's significant growth and dedication to innovation.

In just three years, Capacitor Partners has expanded its reach to over 50 corporate clients across five countries and multiple industries, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to advancing business solutions, via its strategy consulting, digital transformation and product management services.

Capacitor Partners can now Diagnose Your Company’s Operational Performance in a Day

At the event, CEO Michael Tyrimos, introduced a new way Capacitor Partners can now assess the operational performance of corporate clients, locate inefficiencies and bottlenecks and recommend optimization strategies at an unprecedented speed. “In an era where AI is rendering traditional consulting methods obsolete, our new operational assessment system is a game-changer,” he stated.

Capacitor Partners’ approach system harnesses advanced AI and data analytics to deliver insights and optimizations in a single day, a stark contrast to the industry norm. This innovation underscores Capacitor Partners’ commitment to speed and efficiency in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Two New Services Introduced

Alongside its business transformation and product management services, Capacitor Partners announced two new service lines that are now available to its existing and new clients.

Maket, Product and User Research Services: The 'Experientix' service, a collaboration between Capacitor Partners and IMR/University of Nicosia, merges digital transformation expertise with market research and big data analysis.

This service includes a User Experience Facilitation package for aligning products with market needs, a Community Insight Integrator to refine digital strategies based on stakeholder feedback, and a Market Navigator for in-depth industry and consumer behavior insights. The collaboration has already successfully yielded the publication of the Digital Cyprus Survey, which maps the digital transformation readiness of Cyprus

Advanced Copywriting and Ghostwriting Services: Via its second service, labeled 'Storytelling', Capacitor Partners has established its prowess in creating narratives that resonate. This service includes storytelling for product development, content creation for user engagement and education, and ghostwriting for executives and industry leaders. Notably, the work under 'Storytelling' has been featured in leading publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, and NASDAQ, showcasing its impact and reach.

As Capacitor Partners embarks on another year of innovation and growth, it invites businesses to explore these new services and the potential for future collaborations. For more information, visit

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