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Creating Nomoplatform: A Product Management Case Study

Nomoplatform is a policy watchdog, which aims to enable citizens and organizations to access information on passed and upcoming legislation in Cyprus.

Nomoplatform is trusted by both citizens and well-known organizations, such as KEBE and OEB, as it offers direct insights and news directly from the Parliament and shares a weekly newsletter on the Parliament’s progress.

Within the first few months of being active, Nomoplatform effectively succeeded in providing thousands of users with a unique way to remain informed on Cyprus' most recent and important legislative developments.

Nomoplatform is the brainchild of Oxygono, a leading NGO that promotes policy monitoring, active citizenship, and open democracy. Oxygono trusted Capacitor Partners to coordinate the design, implementation, and growth of the Nomoplatform.

In particular, Capacitor Partners was tasked to

  1. Trace the best practices from existing policy watchdogs in Europe, collect primary user insights, and build the launch strategy.

  2. Coordinate the marketing, design, and development teams to implement the strategy and adapt the product to the user needs, based on continuous user feedback.

  3. Build a commercialization model that would make the platform financially independent and sustainable.

Pre-Development Phase: Market & User Research

Firstly, Capacitor Partners conducted thorough market research on existing platforms such as

The second stage of market research was heavily focused on the user. Always aiming to achieve a Product-Market fit, we connected to potential stakeholders who provided their opinion on what they would be looking for, in such a policy watchdog platform.

Following extensive interviews with citizens, academics, policymakers, lawyers, corporate executives, and founders, Capacitor Partners was able to: 1) Accurately record the users’ needs, 2) Create and map out the key features of the platform, 3) Rank all features according to their priority level, and 4) Build a product launch roadmap.

Development Phase: The Creation of the Product

As the planning stage came to completion, Capacitor Partners set out to find the right partners for building the platform. Through expansive research and negotiations, Capacitor Partners was able to secure cost-effective contracts, yet did not sacrifice the quality of the end product.

Accordingly, Capacitor Partners acted as the Product Manager on behalf of the client. We were in charge of coordinating all the involved parties in the development of the platform using the agile methodology, overseeing all testing and quality assurance phases, planning the launch stage in collaboration with the client’s marketing team, and continuously communicating with potential users to receive feedback as we rolled out different features of the platform.

Capacitor Partners ensured the delivery of a top-notch product by outsourcing experts in the field of design and development. To ensure a good balance between quality and cost-effectiveness, the platform was built on an open-sourced content engine, with integrated technologies that enhanced its functionality.

Post-Launch Phase: Scaling and Pivoting

Once the product became available to the public, Capacitor Partners ought to ensure that Nomoplatform was successfully operating in the market. We consistently gathered and analyzed data from analytics and user interviews, regarding the existing and future functionality of the product.

The data was later used to implement Nomoplatform's strategy and pivot the product to ensure it remains relevant throughout possible market changes.

As part of the agreed post-launch strategy, Capacitor Partners also assisted Nomoplatform in hiring its first team members and securing the platform’s first corporate clients.

If you would like to find out more about Nomoplatform, please visit: where you'd be able to sign up for their weekly newsletter. Alternatively, you can reach out to their team via email at:, they will be happy to hear from you.

We encourage you to contact us via email, or by calling us on 7000 3736 with your inquiries regarding digital transformation, product management, and other ways Capacitor Partners can help your company reach its full potential.


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