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Papantoniou Supermarkets Collaborate with Capacitor Partners to Extend their Digital Evolution

As a leading organization in the Cypriot retail sector, Papantoniou Supermarkets keeps improving its customer experience and operational agility through continuous innovation.

In light of this, Papantoniou Supermarkets announces its collaboration with the technology consulting company, Capacitor Partners. The aim is to advance and fulfill its digital transformation process in various parts of the organization. The cooperation covers a range of services: The optimization of internal company processes, creation of an overall technology strategy, exploration and incorporation of existing digital solutions, and the development of new digital products.

Commenting on this new project, Mr. Andreas Papantoniou - member of the senior management team, stated: “We carefully listen to the ever-changing needs of the consumers, who have embraced us for so many years, and make sure to respond to the new habits of the market. This investment will simplify our procedures and improve the daily life of our customers and personnel, which offers an outstanding service every day.”

Capacitor Partners optimizes organizations via the practical application of innovative solutions and methodologies. It specializes in digital product management and has earned the trust of leading companies in the retail, electronic commerce, media, and consumer services sectors, by catering their needs in strategic planning, market analysis, design and development of digital products, and operational restructuring.

On behalf of Capacitor Partners, Mr. Michael Tyrimos commented: “The digital transformation wave is upon us. Digital transformation is an indispensable process for today’s businesses, which was vastly accelerated by the pandemic. We are aware that the costumer habits have changed, causing the retail sector to adopt accordingly. Our goal is to provide a cutting-edge research and strategy that will help an already well-positioned organization, Papantoniou Supermarkets, with its next technological steps”.

This new collaboration is added to Papantoniou Supermarkets' list of initiatives and efforts to constantly evolve its services, and offer the best shopping experience to its customers.

Find out more about our digital transformation services by clicking here.


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