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Capacitor Partners Fuels Digital Dialogue with Hack Cyprus Podcast Sponsorship

Capacitor Partners sponsors Hack Cyprus Podcast
Capacitor Partners sponsors Hack Cyprus Podcast

Capacitor Partners, a leading provider of digital transformation and product management consulting services, announced its sponsorship of the Hack Cyprus Podcast.

This initiative aligns with Capacitor Partners' commitment to fostering innovation and talent development within the technology sector, particularly in the burgeoning tech scene of Cyprus.

Hack Cyprus, an initiative by the Cypriot Enterprise Link (CEL), has been instrumental in positioning Cyprus as a vibrant tech hub. It has successfully introduced the concept of hackathons to the Cypriot public, and now holds the most anticipated hacking events on the island, attracting a diverse range of professionals in the tech industry.

In addition to hosting engaging hackathons, Hack Cyprus has now ventured into the realm of digital media with its recently launched podcast. The podcast offers invaluable insights into the rapidly expanding computer science industry in Cyprus, from discussing career pathways and company requirements, to technical deep-dives with leading industry professionals.

Notable episodes include discussions with Alexander Pirogov, Product Manager at JetBrains, who shares about his relocation to Cyprus and the latest developments at his company. Another standout episode features former Google engineer, Michalis Yerou, who provides a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Google and his future plans in Cyprus.

The podcast's aim is to connect and inspire the next generation of tech professionals and provide a platform for dialogue on the future of the tech industry in Cyprus and beyond.

"Capacitor Partners is proud to sponsor the Hack Cyprus Podcast," stated Michael Tyrimos, Managing Director of Capacitor Partners and co-founder of the Cypriot Enterprise Link. "Hack Cyprus has consistently endeavored to connect Cyprus's technical talent and inspire future generations. Now, through their podcast, they have a voice that resonates with a wider audience. We are excited to support this initiative that furthers our shared vision for a thriving tech ecosystem in Cyprus."


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