Digital Work Life

consulting services

We advise you on every step of your digital transformation journey. 


We inspect every part of your business, we interview the key people and audit your processes. Then we write your operations playbook that redefines everything, as to achieve a transformative optimization.


Once the organization is optimized for a digital future, we prioritize what needs to be digitalized first. We define the elements that will increase your competitive advantage and help you achieve a total digital transformation.



Everything is in place. It's time to implement your strategy. Let's start by building great products. We oversee your product creation, launch and growth. We draw on Lean principles to help you launch market relevant products.

Service lines breakdown

A breakdown of our service lines

A complete assessment of your business

Digital Work Life

We assess every part of your business, from its business model to the way it works. Then we reshape it.

  • Business Model Creation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Operations Analysis

  • Legal Analysis (terms and conditions, privacy policy, GDPR)

  • KPIs Creation and Audit

A breakdown of our service lines

Re-orientation of your staff


We ensure that the most important part of your organization, your people, are up to speed.

  • Training

  • Cultural re-orientation

  • Idea Labs

  • Research / Think Tanks

  • Product testing 

A breakdown of our service lines

Launching and evolving your product to the market

Makeup Store

We increase the probability of achieving a product market fit to its maximum.

  • Wireframing / Research

  • UI/UX design / Audit

  • Product building

  • Product Audit (code, design, security, quality)

  • Funneling/analytics