Table Tennis

Changing the game, innovating a company at a time.

We study your organization thoroughly. We discover all of the unknowns, and define how your processes should work before you are ready to digitalize.

We bring in world class experts from Europe and Silicon Valley, as well as our consortium of partners, to advise, oversee and build your product.

We build your strategy, set your KPIs, and design everything required to ensure that your NEW organization will grow successfully and sustainably.


Mission Statement

At Capacitor  Partners we  strongly believe that building great tech, crafting technology strategy or digitally transforming a company needs hands on experience. Our partners and consultants are individuals with years of practical experience in the field of technology. Hailing from Europe, Asia and Silicon Valley (US) they can cover every need of your company. From a CRM solution to an unsupervised AI algorithm. We aim to help any great company fulfill its potential, via cutting edge solutions and the use of the most relevant talent for each case.


founding members

Michael Tyrimos, BSc AKC AdvDip MPhil

Michael specializes in launching and scaling tech businesses. Prior to the creation of Capacitor Partners he led to increase its profit 20x, Deliveryman to grow by 11x in revenue, and Tabs and Spaces to become a prominent software agency. He holds degrees in business and technology from King's College London, Cambridge and Oxford Universities. In the past, he co-founded Cypriot Enterprise Link, served as a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and the Silicon Valley Liaison of EYIF.