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Capacitor Partners and Cyprus Forums: A partnership made in heaven

"Society and family do not inspire young people to move into technology and explore their talents."

"In a startup world speed is everything, operating in Cyprus it is a disadvantage. Everything moves slowly."

"We have to shift the education system to be aligned with the label market needs of the future."

"The factor of maternity and child care is a problem for women in tech jobs."

"Digital transformation should not be viewed as the starting point but as a business transformation. Organisations must align their business with digital transformation."

"What is digital transformation? We need to concentrate on delivering citizens services that promote the quality of life of our citizens. If I cannot submit a form online, what type of technology is that?"

"Every startup we have now is done by their own will. This is not a startup ecosystem. We have to change this."

"There are many Cypriots outside of Cyprus we need to use our connection and bring investors"

These are some of the quotes that shook the audience. It was a great honour speaking with these brilliant professionals.

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